Skeleton Linux

These scripts will build a working linux system disk image fully from source (based on LFS 9).

Features include:

  • Supports BIOS and UEFI boot
  • LVM2 managed disk volumes
  • Fully merged /usr hierarchy.
  • Fully encrypted system drive with no plaintext header or metadata.
  • Boot drive is encrypted and is removable once boot is complete.
  • Multi-stage build process that allows reuse of partial builds.
  • Instructions:

    Same prerequisites as for building as Linux From Scratch (Tested using Debian).
    Download the scripts and make them executable.
    Create a directory to build the system in.
    Make sure you are in the directory you want to build in.
    Run make-tools.
    Run make-userspace.
    Run make-system.
    Each script's output is reusable.
    The final output is two disk images (a boot image and a system image)
    The default hostname is skeleton.
    The encryption passphrase for both disk images is "crypt".
    The root password is "root".
    Alter these passwords in the make-system script or change them after the new system is up and running.


  • make-tools
  • make-userspace
  • make-system